Teaching and Research

All the consultants at Westmead Private Cardiology are committed to teaching and research in cardiology.

Activities include presentations at Grand Rounds at Westmead Private Hospital and at Westmead Public Hospital and at clinical meetings in Australia and overseas.

Undergraduate and postgraduate clinical teaching is conducted at Westmead Private Hospital and at Westmead Public Hospital. All the consultants participate actively in general practitioner education programmes in Western Sydney.

Please contact the relevant consultant to arrange bedside tutorials, lectures and workshops.

Westmead Cardiology Research Fund

........supporting heart research at Westmead

Westmead Cardiology Research Fund offers you an opportunity to help sustain our heart research work. Recent collaborative work utilising sensitive imaging techniques has detected early evidence of heart damage in patients receiving cancer therapy.

The next phase of our research will examine additional techniques, to further refine the detection of heart damage and to monitor therapies to reduce heart damage.

We would be pleased to discuss with you our work and results, and explain how your contribution will assist our future studies.

All contributions to the Fund are acknowledged and are used solely to support our research.

Contributions form